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At age 30 I knew that I was not supposed to feel fatigued and tired like I was feeling. I woke up sore in random places and down on life due to certain circumstances, and it was hard for me to even gather my thoughts. Now I am feeling like my old self. My energy is getting better each day. Life situations have not changed, but my depression has gone. I am able to process and gather my thoughts. I don’t wake up with random pain or soreness and feel like I am getting things back on the right track with Lynnwood Natural Medicine and a healthy diet.

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Share Your Tesmonies With Us

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Over the course of a couple of weeks I had a skin rash that quickly spread to over half of my body. My skin was very irritated, so I was itching all the time, especially at night. My next appointment at Lynnwood Natural Medicine clinic was over a week away, so in that time I did as much research as I could and determined that scabies was the closest thing to what I was experiencing. For that, next week I was using every natural remedy that I could find. Even though it did help relieve some of the irritation, my condition was definitely not being “cured”. When I went to my next appointment at Lynnwood Natural Medicine, Dr. Beliy used muscle testing to determine that I had a couple of different [immune challenges] present in my system. After that the doctor used muscle testing to figure out which supplement would directly treat those [immune challenges]. By the time I came back for a follow up appointment one week later at least 90% of my symptoms were gone. I had been doing nothing different other than taking the supplements that she recommended. I continued taking those supplements for one more week at which point 100% of my symptoms were gone. I honestly cannot recommend Lynnwood Natural Medicine enough as once you experience this level of REAL health care it will transform your life!

I have been seeing Dr. Beliy for a few years now through her Nutrition Response Testing Program. I originally went for help with my acne and headaches... I have seen every specialist from San Francisco to New York over a 10 year period to figure out why I am getting DEBILITATING headaches & migraines. Before starting this program I used to go to the ER 3/4 times a year for unbearable head pain. Since starting the Nutrition Response Program I have only had to go ONCE & that was because I wanted to see what would happen if I stopped taking my WHOLE FOOD supplements. And my body reacted to not having the proper nutrition to process toxins and perform at their highest potential. I have taken every medicinal headache pill available, eventually leading me to opiates as all other options had failed. But this program has changed all of that for me. These aren't chemicals, they're whole food supplements that aid your body in detoxifying and supporting your organs. This has truly changed my life and I recommend it to ANYONE who will listen to me... Thank you Dr. Beliy!!!!!

I’ve had a history of rheumatoid arthritis with swollen and painful joins since I was 6 years old, especially in spring and fall when the weather changes. My blood work always showed Rh factor higher than normal. Also, two cysts were found on my thyroid 6 years ago and monitored since then. After I started the program my blood work came out with Rh factor in a healthy range. What is even more important is that it’s the end of September and I haven’t had the swollen or painful joins even once. I just had an ultrasound of my thyroid done and they didn’t find any cysts.

Before coming in I was miserable. The itching, the redness, no energy, feeling like there is no hope other than steroids which I am trying to avoid. Now I am getting so much better! Oh my gosh the program is amazing! I wish I would have found Dr. Beliy 10 years ago. Food has so much to do with my psoriasis and no medical doctor was ever able to tell me that. I am so excited to continue this program with Dr. Beliy. 

When I first came in I was feeling horrible. I had migraines at least 2 times a week and sometimes they would last all day. I also lost more than 20 pounds. My body felt weak and my eyes hurt. Now, I feel a hundred times better. Since I started drinking the supplements I haven’t had any head pains. I used to shake, but now I barely do.

I wasn't sleeping well and struggling with a lot of fatigue during the day. Now I'm sleeping consistently during the night for the first time in years. I am also sleeping deeper and having better quality of sleep. I feel energized during the day with strong vitality.

When I came to see the Doctor, I felt really bad. I did not have any energy, hot flashes every 20-30 minutes, joint pain, and I could not sleep due to muscle cramps. In about a week after I started the nutrition program, I started to feel a little better: more energy, hot flashes where reduced, and sleep was better as well. However after 2 more weeks I felt worse, but I did not stop the program and followed the Doctor's every recommendation. Slowly I started to feel better again. Now, after 2 months of being on the program, I feel GREAT!!! No more hot flashes and more energy. I sleep well, and I started to lose weight! Thanks Dr. Beliy and Nataly for their care and patience.

Before I came to see Lynnwood Natural Medicine, I frequently had stomach aches. I would wake up with really bad heart burn and was nauseated throughout the day. Most of the days I would stay home because I knew anywhere I would go I would experience upset stomach. Now for the last couple of weeks/month I barely have stomach aches. My heart burn and nausea went away completely. This has helped me to enjoy a lot of activities outside of work/home. 

Before I came to see Dr. Beliy, I was very fatigued and felt tired all the time. I felt like I could eat well and get more than 8 hours of sleep and was constantly becoming drained out no matter what I did. We have had several small breakthroughs with my energy levels and now I could finally sleep and feel like my body is healing. This week we had a huge breakthrough and I finally feel like I am getting my life back! Thank you so much I feel like a new person!

Before coming in I struggled with fatigue and the inability to lose weight. Every time I would change my diet to a gluten free way I would feel better for 2 weeks and then get sick. Dr. Beliy helped me to understand why things would get better and then spiral downward again. Now, with the nutritional supplements and her support, I have someone who understands and is helping me on my path to better health. I'm past the point where my body would reject my nutritional changes and have way more energy and I'm losing weight. My body is no longer fighting itself and I have the support I need to make these life changes. 

Before coming to LNM I had tried most conventional and alternative treatment for my back pain, cognitive issues and lack of energy. I felt like the only option I had left was to live with these problems even though I am in my 30's. I was introduced to nutritional response testing and I felt like this would be a good way to address the root of my issues and conquer them at the source rather than temporary relief or masking them with prescription medications. Now I have seen significant improvement in my energy level and mood. My cognitive functioning is another area where I have seen marked improvements. This has impacted my self-esteem and social interactions, which was a surprise to me. Rather than feeling as though I will have to live with my problems, I now feel like I am gaining some control over them and may even be able to overcome them. 

I was not able to have regular bowel movements. I ate healthy, watched my diet, but still did not feel 100%. I also got tired. Now I am having regular bowel movements while on this program. By having my Dr. keep me accountable I’m able to change my diet from regular to gluten free, dairy free and looking on sugar free. My daughter has this bumpy look on her arms and itchy red skin. I put her on a gluten free diet and in 3 days her skin was clear for the first time in 2 years. We are on our way to 100%. 

I was really feeling ill before the program. I had pain in the joints and hot flashes. I was burning up with my hot flashes. Everything is gone now. I have energy, practically no pain in my joints, and no hot flashes. Still working on my diet, especially sugar. 

I was very depressed. I was on an anti-depressant, over weight-actually obese women with very high blood pressure 170/90. My sugar cravings were out of control, my energy level was very low, and my happiness was nonexistent. Now, I am a completely different person from a health standpoint. My blood pressure today was 125/80 and my depression is nonexistent. My sugar cravings are not an issue any longer. I am a calmer and much happier person thanks to the care of Dr. Mary Beliy. 

Sluggish, “zombie-ish” fog, nutritionally frustrated because I am a professor of being healthy, yet never feeling at my optimum. Truly believe that the food style was not feeding me the nutrients I needed. It is a miracle I am grateful to be a part of! I am sleeping 100% better, energy is amazing, fog is slowly lifting, digestion is getting better and I am happy to continue to not consume the foods that are not nutritionally rich. I will share this program with willing enthusiasts like self. 

I was constantly constipated, tired, and grouchy, High blood pressure, heart palpitations, and anxiety plus stress from over work. I was so tired of feeling sick all the time. I felt too young to keep going through this. Now, after just one week of changing my diet and taking the supplements on the program, I feel much better. Blood pressure is down, anxiety and stress level are so much better and my energy level is way up. I feel happy and I am feeling healthier by the day. 

It’s kind of hard to remember - thankfully - how bad I was when I came in for my first visit. I was extremely depressed, fatigued, not sleeping and just looked skeletal. My life had been extremely stressful in other prior month and I had just gotten to a point where physically and emotionally I didn’t have the energy to bounce back. Coming here has literally given me my old self back. In five month, not only do I feel so much better, but I look different enough that almost all my friends have commented about it. I don’t have black circles and bags under my eyes anymore. I don’t suffer from such debilitating depression. I have so much more energy and I’m smiling again for the first time in months. I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Beliy and her amazing program! 

I always thought that I lived a healthy lifestyle, a few bad habits, but always very active. I exercised moderately and stayed in shape. Today, in my 50s, I found myself with a bouquet of allergies, constant fatigue, irregular heart beating, thyroid out of control, felt tired immediately after eating, and had watery eyes and nose. And one day Dr. Mary Beliy was brought to my attention!

After the first appointment I really believed she can help me with how I felt. I was deficient in a number of essential vitamins and minerals. Then I’ve noticed great things happening….I am feeling really great after being on the program for 5 months now. I have not had allergies since day three on the program, no heart problems because my thyroid is doing better, I am feeling energized and awake, and even my concentration and mood has been better. I also had a cyst in my thumb. I thought I would need surgery to remove it, but Dr. Beliy helped the problem and the cyst is gone. Great experience! I’ll recommend a natural medicine approach for health problems like mine and I’ll recommend Dr. Mary Beliy's program. Life feels great!

I was very tired and extremely stressed out. My stomach was bloated and I could not go to the bathroom regularly. I was using a laxative every week. I could not sleep and my blood pressure was high. Joint pain was very tense, and my mind was always racing. Now my blood pressure is normal. No bloating and I am very energetic. I can sleep and I have no joint pain now, not even in my hands which I think felt arthritic. Bathroom visits are normal and my stress level has greatly improved. Much happier and I have lost weight. This is the best thing I could have done for myself. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I was constantly tired and I never wanted to hang out with my friends because of fear of tummy trouble. My stomach hurt a lot and it was common for me to not go for three- four days and I would need a laxative. Now I feel happier and lighter. I go two-three times a day and I don’t have stomach pains. I have more energy and can stay awake longer. Overall, I feel much better and more confident.

Before I had a bloating stomach and I felt sick all the time. Stress level was very high. I was on Que-Var and Albuterol for asthma. Wheezing and lethargic. Now I feel 95% better. Asthma is almost gone. I stopped my Que-Var and Albuterol. No wheezing or lethargy. I feel like a new person. Stress level is was down and so is my blood pressure. It is normal for the first time in 30 years. 

When I first came to Dr. Beliy I had an ulcer and I was in so much pain I could barely eat anything without getting a very bad stomach ache. My doctor prescribed me omeprazole which I took for 2 months every day and it did not help. Basically I had to double medications at all times if I wanted to eat. The medication didn’t make me better it just masked the problem. Now I don’t have a stomach ache all the time. Most of the time I feel great. I can even eat raw bell peppers without stomach aches. I still have some healing to do but I feel soooo much better. 

I was feeling miserable! I struggled trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I felt sick and tired the whole time. I was really frustrated with myself. Now I feel great! Amazing! I have more energy than before. I’m able to eat more than before. I go out, see friends often compared to before when I was feeling miserable. Thank you again for making me feel better with natural and safe supplements!

When I came to see Dr. Beliy I was overweight, unfocused and very frustrated. My health had declined severely and I was concerned about how to turn it all around. I felt like I was going downhill fast and had no plan of how to stop the decline. Now I feel energized, clear and much more focused. My skin is brighter and people comment on how healthy I look. My outlook is more positive and it’s great to get back into my clothes again! I feel like myself again!

Tired, tired, tired! Felt sluggish, forgetful, wanted to nap at 2 pm. (Because of heartburn I was) taking Toms like candy due to anything I ate. Now, wow….not tired, have energy and don’t need afternoon coffee. NO heartburn! Feel so much better!

I was fatigued, bloated and with lower abdominal pain from my crohn's disease. Bloating is almost non-existent thanks to supplements and improved diet. Eliminated gluten, dairy, rice and reduced consumption of sugars. No crohn's flare up once I started the program. No pain and more energy, less fatigue!

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